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Respiratory paper 2

Respiratory paper

In the State Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and inspection center under the auspices of waterproof breathable film, with a net hanging plaster external insulation system of thermal detection. Test results show that the air layer, waterproof breathable membrane with three cm, the thermal resistance of up to 0.307, two times the same thickness of air thermal resistance equivalent to "thermal design code for civil building" in the provisions of the GB50176, EPS insulation board 43%, heat insulation effect.

1, building energy saving

The rain water and water vapor intrusion of building envelope system will reduce the effective thermal insulation layer values

The flow entering the building envelope system formed within the convective circulation, will also reduce the insulation performance

increases the heating equipment to ensure the indoor temperature, thereby increasing the energy consumption of buildings.

2, building durability

The rain water and water vapor intrusion of building envelope system, erosion of building materials,

The accelerated aging of building materials, thereby affecting the durability of construction.

3, building comfort

Invasion of the airflow, adversely affect the indoor thermal comfort.

pollutants, radiation through the air into the room, causing the impact on indoor air quality.

entered the building envelope inside the water vapor is long-term sealing in the structure, which leads to the formation of production and mould tide steam, thereby reducing the comfort of living.

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