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    Breathable waterproof membra.
    - Waterproof breathable roof.
    - Waterproof breathable memb.
    - Steel breathable waterproo.
    - Standard waterproof breath.
    - Enhanced waterproof breath.
    - Flame Retardant water vapo.
    Vapor barrier membrane
    - PE vapor barrier film
    - Deadening film
    Respiratory paper
    Breathable film DPM
    - Glass Wool
    - Rockwool
    - Tape

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Color steel tile roof waterproof breathable membrane

Color steel tile roof waterproof breathable membrane

Waterproof breathable membrane roof slope roof membrane has the general film and waterproof performance of the same, according to user needs, and meet the metal roof, tile roof, asphalt shingle roofing, pressure plate and the wall as a vapor permeable waterproof layer.

The advantages of waterproof breathable membrane

High temperature resistant -- working temperature up to 250 ℃.

Low temperature resistant -- with mechanical toughness good; even if the temperature dropped to -196 ℃, also can maintain 5% elongation.

Corrosion resistance -- for most chemicals and solvents, inert, showed the ability of acid alkali, water and organic solvent.

Weather resistant -- aging of plastics in the best life.

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