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PE vapour film

Water vapour film cracks in the roof or wall between the base and the insulating layer, prevent the base structure of water vapor and outdoor temperature moisture to prevent condensation; heat preservation layer emission, waterproof steam film paving between insulation and tiles or external decorative plate, can realize the heat insulation effect. And the waterproof breathable membrane with the use, can effectively discharge water vapor, protection against thermal performance envelope. Can be summarized as vapour moisture-proof, multiple properties of thermal insulation.

Water vapour film advantage:

Water vapour film with substrate membrane with high strength, low radiation protective coating and aluminum foil multi-layer material after high temperature pressing, with:

1: double anti oxygen membrane determines the material in the salt fog, no effect of acidity and moisture environment test.

2: Double shows that the reflection function: winter can obstruct the indoor to outdoor heat transfer, thus playing the role of insulation, the summer can also obstruct heat transfer to the interior, so that the effect of heat insulation, fully meet the hot summer and cold winter and hot summer and warm winter region residential building energy efficiency has a prescribed real parts people requirements.

3: excellent heat insulation, thermal insulation performance: extruded polystyrene board is equivalent to 35mm double barrier membrane with high reflectivity and 3mm air resistance, when the diaphragm and insulation materials used at the same time, can make the insulation thickness is reduced to 15-25mm.

4: hot air aging: in 168, C 80 °, tensile strength retention rate and the long rate but retention rate is more than 80% more than the international standard of 09 slope roof building construction (a) on the performance of the standard atlas.

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