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    Breathable waterproof membra.
    - Waterproof breathable roof.
    - Waterproof breathable memb.
    - Steel breathable waterproo.
    - Standard waterproof breath.
    - Enhanced waterproof breath.
    - Flame Retardant water vapo.
    Vapor barrier membrane
    - PE vapor barrier film
    - Deadening film
    Respiratory paper
    Breathable film DPM
    - Glass Wool
    - Rockwool
    - Tape

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Flame retardant type waterproof breathable membrane

Flame retardant type waterproof breathable membrane

Our company developed the latest fireproof waterproof breathable membrane, in which building waterproof, breathable and increase the performance of the flame retardant, increases the safety of building, breaking the disadvantages of common waterproof breathable membrane. This technique is the first domestic technology.

Fireproof waterproof breathable membrane is a kind of refractory materials based on ordinary waterproof breathable membrane. This is. This is due to the mixing of organic and inorganic compounds, so it is very difficult to reproduce, ZOJE BAOYING after the laboratory test hundreds of times, trial production continuously, after the detection of high precision instrument. Eventually overcomes this problem, because it is the first domestic technology, at present, our company is its an application for a patent for invention.

Fireproof waterproof breathable membrane fire performance reach B2 level, the same with the fire rating of some insulation board, at the same time, waterproof, fireproof, with breathable windproof these seemingly impossible combination of physical properties of coexisting together, and through the National Building Materials Laboratory of strict testing. The maximum guarantee the personal safety and property safety.

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