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    Breathable waterproof membra.
    - Waterproof breathable roof.
    - Waterproof breathable memb.
    - Steel breathable waterproo.
    - Standard waterproof breath.
    - Enhanced waterproof breath.
    - Flame Retardant water vapo.
    Vapor barrier membrane
    - PE vapor barrier film
    - Deadening film
    Respiratory paper
    Breathable film DPM
    - Glass Wool
    - Rockwool
    - Tape

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Enhanced waterproof breathable membrane

Enhanced waterproof breathable membrane

Waterproof breathable membrane using advanced thermal composite production process which is a national initiative, no glue solvent-free compound, the international advanced.
Breathable waterproof membrane is a new type of polymer waterproof material. Speaking from the production process, technical requirements breathable waterproof membrane is generally higher than the multi-waterproof material; simultaneously from the quality point of view, breathable waterproof membrane also has other waterproof materials do not have the characteristics of breathable waterproof membrane in strengthening the building air tightness , watertight, while its unique vapor permeability properties of water vapor can rapidly exhaust the internal structure, to maintain the life of the building so as to effectively protect building envelope thermal performance, so as to reduce the real purpose of building energy consumption, while avoiding structure to breed mold, protecting property values​​, and the perfect solution to moisture and UN health, environmental health is a new energy-saving materials.

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