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    Breathable waterproof membra.
    - Waterproof breathable roof.
    - Waterproof breathable memb.
    - Steel breathable waterproo.
    - Standard waterproof breath.
    - Enhanced waterproof breath.
    - Flame Retardant water vapo.
    Vapor barrier membrane
    - PE vapor barrier film
    - Deadening film
    Respiratory paper
    Breathable film DPM
    - Glass Wool
    - Rockwool
    - Tape

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Barrier membrane

Barrier membrane

1 better heat insulation function:

Barrier membrane double-sided pure metal foil design, ensure material aluminum foil absolute purity, the summer heat is difficult to enter the indoor winter heat preservation, in the interior, the building to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment.

2 excellent waterproof performance:

Barrier film has high strength, as well as impermeable, in grade Ⅱ waterproofing can be used as a waterproof cushion. Between the barrier film laid directly on the batten and downstream, between the two downstream natural droop, even if the tile damage, waterproof and more security.

3 excellent aging resistance property and construction strength:

Barrier membrane surface specific antioxidant, ultraviolet inorganic thin film so that the material has a longer life, and special fiber structure makes the material texture and can withstand strong pulling construction breakage rate is extremely low.

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