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    Breathable waterproof membra.
    - Waterproof breathable roof.
    - Waterproof breathable memb.
    - Steel breathable waterproo.
    - Standard waterproof breath.
    - Enhanced waterproof breath.
    - Flame Retardant water vapo.
    Vapor barrier membrane
    - PE vapor barrier film
    - Deadening film
    Respiratory paper
    Breathable film DPM
    - Glass Wool
    - Rockwool
    - Tape

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Ding Ji tape:

Ding Ji tape

Ding Ji belt is one of auxiliary waterproof breathable membrane, the main function is used to joint waterproof breathable membrane and waterproof breathable membrane nail hole, so that the nailhole place waterproof breathable.


1 never curing self-adhesive water-proof sealing tape, the main raw material for butyl rubber.

2 excellent mechanical properties: bond strength, high tensile strength, good elasticity, good performance, strong adaptability for the interface deformation and cracking.

Chemical properties of 3 stable: it has excellent chemical resistance, weatherability and corrosion resistance.

4 reliable application performance: the adhesive waterproof, sealing, low temperature resistance and good following performance, dimension stability is good.

5 simple construction process.

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